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4 Favorite White paint colors by Sherwin Williams

Decisions, decisions.... and so many factors to consider.

There are so many factors that come into play when selecting paint colors.  Some factors may include the undertones, lighting, sheen, sq footage, etc.  

Here are some things I have learned in the past 14 years of designing that may be helpful on your next paint project.   Choosing a white that has neutral undertones maybe hard to do when there is 100s of whites to choose from.   

Once you select a white, visit paint store website, where you can see the actual color painted in a room, kitchen, exterior or whatever project you maybe considering.   You can also try googling it, and under images, there maybe photos of past projects where you can visualize it better than a sample in your home.  Putting a sample in your space is nice because you can see how the light effects it morning and night.  If you are painting the exterior of your home, a shaded home will provide a more true paint color.  If you have direct sunlight most of the day, the paint color will appear brighter.   Also, the higher the sheen is the brighter the color will be.  A fan favorite in 2020 is white walls, trim, doors, and cabinets in matte or a flat finish.  While that maybe beautiful, it is definitely harder to maintain and keep clean.  Satin or egg shell is a more durable sheen if you have children.  There is an additive I will be using on my white exterior that is suppose to prevent mildew, mold and dirt from clinging to the paint.  Right now Sherwin Williams is having a sale so the product is  around $15 for 5 gallons of paint.  Definitely worth it since our home is surrounded by trees.  Soooo.... are you ready to hear about my top 4 favorite white paint colors?!  Pure White SW7005 Is what I'm using on my home for a creamy white with neutral undertones.  Extra White SW7006 is a wonderful white for a more contemporary or modern space.  Great for cabinet color too! High Reflective White SW7757 is great for trim or doors. It's a crisp bright white but not hurt your eyes stark.  Nebulous White SW7063 is a beautiful white with gray undertones, which I love.  

Thanks for stopping by!  More to come!